I brought in a brand new ski jacket that I was having trouble zipping, and although the person helping was able to zip it very easily she actually showed me how this style of zipper was constructed differently than others (never even occurred to me that there were different zipper constructions!!).

I have dexterity challenges and needed a coat that I can zip easily, so she showed me some coats and I found one that worked better for me. It was wonderfully easy and I will absolutely go back there again for outdoor equipment!

Many thanks for no hassle, a fair exchange and a great new coat I can actually zip up!!!

Annie H.

Unique! A place you can walk in for backpack repair, along with consignment outdoor gear. Felt like a treasure hunt in a Minnesotan’s massive mud room closet or camping gear storage.

Darcie V.

They were very helpful and showed me how to fix my jacket at home and save some money. I would highly recommend Repair Lair to anyone.

Gregg J.

Fast service, much less expensive and sustainable to repair my gear than buy new. Amazing deals on excellent quality used gear & clothing!

Martin P.

I brought in two sleeping bags with different kinds of tears in them. The first needed a basic seam repair, but it was long, like longer than 6 inches. The other one my old washing machine ate and it needed a patch (don’t put wash your sleeping bags in a top loader kids!).

The patch was going to be a lot more work but I needed the bags for camping in 4 days so they recommended using a heavy fabric tape. For the two repairs it was only $20! And they had the bags ready a day early.

The stitches are clean and strong and the tape held up well, even in the rain. I might break a few other things and bring them in soon. I’m really impressed with the repair lair, they have good customer service and they do quality work.

Valerie S.

I took my absolute favorite pair of gortex outerwear pants to be fixed. They were shredded on the inside ankle area and I wasn’t too hopeful, but the Repair Lair fixed them right up. They’ll last me another several years! And the cost was so reasonable. I also love the choices of good used gear at decent prices.

Judith S.

I needed a little heavy duty sewing done (sewing velcro to both sides of a 2″ nylon strap, and then sew that to a heavy brassard). They did a fantastic job at a fantastic price. They were able to repair it while I waited. I’ll definitely be going back.

p.s. They also have all kinds of used gear and clothes.

Michael J.

Nothing pushes my stubborn adventurer buttons like cheap af airlines charging exorbitant prices for checking bags. The part of me that’s still a cheap-ass 18-year-old pipes up: “Screw me, you say? Ohhhh no, screw YOU, buddy. I’m gonna be wicked uncomfortable in three layers of clothes for 18 hours and carry all of my shit on now, JUST TO SPITE YOU.”

Only problem was I didn’t have a bag that could hack that kind of thing- needed to be waterproof (rainy season!), light (I am Le Small), easy on m’back and shoulders (aka hip belt), small (carry-on/day-hike-size) but also big (with lots of pockets, space for water, expandable for when the third layer becomes too much), and not super ugly because I am thrifty but also a little vain.

Repair Lair hooked me up.

They recently hired floor help which made the whole experience heavenly. The guy working overheard what I was looking for, and immediately pulled The Perfect Backpack off the rack. It was 30L, it had a light back frame with breathable mesh, it had a rain fly, it had a collapsible net to attach to the outside to carry sweaters, it was light as a feather, it didn’t make me look like a fourth grader, it had a hip belt, and it was almost new. And it was $30. And he threw in a carabiner for free. SOLD.

This place is solid gold for all of you thrifty, stubborn adventurers. Make it your first stop, every time.

Leah O.

Repair Lair is fantastic. I love that it is an eco-friendly shop that focuses on reusing second hand gear. I have both both items here and consigned some of my own gear, all in a really stress-free way. Prices are reasonable. 

The gear, clothes, etc. are all high quality and in fantastic shape. The staff and owner are very friendly, approachable, and helpful. I love this store and will be back again soon!

Dani N.

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